Mt. Rushmore Jewelry

Over 100 years ago, a young French goldsmith named Henri LeBeau came to the United States to make his fortune after hearing of the 1876 Black Hills Gold Rush.

Henri was unfamiliar with the rugged Black Hills terrain and became hopelessly lost. Almost dying of starvation, he stumbled upon wild grapes that saved his life.

In honor of the lifesaving grapes, he created jewelry which he called the "good luck" jewelry. Other gold miners wanted good luck, so LeBeau's jewelry soon became known as Black Hills Gold.

Today at Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold® we use the same proven elements of pink and green gold leaves with clusters of yellow gold grapes. However, going beyond LeBeau’s original creations, our gifted designers now bring creativity that has transformed these simple elements to beautiful, artful pieces of jewelry.

Continuing our own pioneering, Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold® was the first, and is still the leader, in producing silver in place of the yellow gold while also using the pink and green gold leaves.

From the Heartland of America at the foot of America’s Shrine of Democracy, Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold® is "Heads Above the Rest."

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Our Product Lines

Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold®

Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold® has been producing jewelry store quality Black Hills Gold for over 35 years for Black Hills tourist locations and a select group of retailers throughout the country.

The Frontier Collection® is a line of exciting and unique Elk Ivory jewelry available in sterling silver, 10 karat, and 14 karat gold. Each Frontier piece is meticulously hand crafted, designed, and shaped to fit the contours of each uniquely-shaped ivory (elk tooth) supplied by the hunter or chosen from our inventory of harvested ivories.

Frontier Collection®

Vinya® Gold & Silver

Vinya® Gold & Silver is an innovative and contemporary American art form that is comprised of rhodium plated sterling silver and 10 karat gold, boasting designs of elegant beauty and botanical inspirations only found in nature's garden.

R.DESIGNS Alternative Metal Collection® is an exciting men’s collection of alternative metal jewelry featuring Ceramic, Cobalt, Titanium, Tungsten, and Stainless Steel.

R.DESIGNS Alternative Metal Collection® (2016)